Top 3 Summertime Vapor Liquids from High Class Vape Co

Ah, it seems like summer is quickly edging around the corner. Nothing spells out relaxation during summertime like the warm air and blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds. When it comes to this hot season it is time to stock up on some of our most favorite e-juice flavors from the High Class Vape Co.

Summertime Vapor Liquid #1: Melon Head
Was there really any doubt that one of the most popular summer fruits wouldn’t be on this list? Of course not! Nothing screams summer to us like the refreshing taste of the High Class Vape Co’s Melon Head. Combining “Orange Antelope, Honey Dew Melon, and Vanilla Whipped Cream”, Melon Head really hits summer home for us. This flavor is best enjoyed lounging in the backyard soaking up the rays and absorbing the truly magnificent flavor that the articulately blended e-juice creates.

Summertime Vapor Liquid #2: Platinum Chalice – The Classic Black Label
It is not called the “Platinum Chalice” for nothing. Quite the contrary. By combining pineapples, strawberry, and banana flavors, there is no way we could have a summer E-Juice list without this powerful trio. The Platinum Chalice can really take you to the beach with this sacred manifesto of summer flavors. As a matter of fact, the beach is where this one is best enjoyed. You really can’t go wrong with this flavor, it really brings the taste of fresh fruit together in a delightful summer what has to be tasted to describe.

Summertime Vapor Liquid #3: Island Dream
It may be last on our list, but it’s most certainly the first in our book. The Island Dream is exactly what it sounds like. A dream. Imagine vanilla bean ice cream blended together with pineapple and a smooth coconut and there you have it. This has to be one of the most iconic summer flavors you could ever hope to capture in an E-Juice flavor. Nothing tastes better or smells better than this Piña Colada tribute, High Class Vape style.

Well there you have it; our top 3 picks for this upcoming summer. So this year, enhance your summer as it kicks into high gear. Grab one or all of these flavors, summer to another level of enjoyment, whether you are on the beach, in a pool, at a backyard BBQ, or just sitting around at the park.